What We’ve Learned

Top 10 things we have learned by traveling:

1. The world is very small – It’s mind blowing, you can get on a plane this afternoon and wake up in Hong Kong.

2. The world is so huge – There are just too many places to see in one lifetime so the sooner you start, the better.

3. We are grateful for what we have – Traveling has taught us that we are extremely fortunate. We have a comfortable place to live that’s safe and secure, surrounded by family and friends. No matter where we go in this world, it is a joy to come home. By traveling, we appreciate what we have at home so much more than if we had never left.

4. Traveling as a couple is awesome and traveling with our family and friends is also awesome. Sharing the experience is just part of the excitement.

5. If you want to travel badly enough, you can make it happen. Life is all about trade-offs and life-decisions.

6. It may be hard for some people to believe but there really are great airplane meals, very comfortable long-haul flights, amazing and interesting airports, and friendly professional flight attendants.

7. Travel pushes us beyond everyday boundaries – We will push ourselves much more when traveling and not even think about it. When we are traveling, we might cover a dozen miles in one day. We may meet new people from a completely different culture, try new things or eat exotic foods we have never heard of. Being out of your comfort zone can be very fulfilling.

8. People throughout the planet are more alike than they are different. Conceptually, most people understand this without seeing it in action but it really hits home when you are in a foreign country.

9. People who enjoy traveling are passionate and love to talk about their journeys – We really believe that travel makes you more interesting and well-rounded than you would be if you didn’t travel. It’s a true joy to meet and talk with others who enjoy traveling and to hear about their experiences, some shared and some new.

10. The more we travel, the more we want to travel – It’s so addictive and we would rather spend our money and time on traveling than gathering material possessions.