Part 4: Traveling From Melbourne, Australia – October 2014

Part 1: Traveling to Sydney, Australia

Part 2: Sydney, Australia

Part 3: Melbourne, Australia

Our stay in Melbourne was much too brief but we were excited for our flight home. We were flying on Qantas Airlines but the exciting part was that it was on the Airbus 380, the world’s largest commercial airplane. It’s a double decker plane that can accommodate up to around 800 passengers depending upon the seating configuration. Let me repeat, 800 passengers!

It really was a technological wonder and we were not only going to be on the A380 but we would be experiencing First Class on Qantas for our 14+ hours flight back to Los Angeles.

At the airport, Qantas has a little room off to the side for First Class check-in. After an efficient check in, we were escorted through security and sent to the Qantas First Class lounge.

Australia - 287

At the Qantas lounge we had breakfast and right outside the windows we could see another A380. It was amazing to see how enormous the planes are up close.

Australia - 290

Australia - 288

In the picture below, you can see the 747 , which is a huge plane in t’s own right, parked next to the A380 as a size comparison.

Australia - 294

Here is a picture of our A380 we would be flying. The plane is so large that there are three gangways connected to the plane for the loading and unloading of passengers.

Australia - 295

As a reminder, this was the final international flight of our Australia trip flying around the Pacific Ocean.

Australia trip

We boarded the plane and were shown to our seats. The seats were very spacious and quite private with only three seats per row and a total of 14 seats in First Class. The cabin had a very classy look with warm colors.

Australia - 297

We were both in the first row with Judy in the window seat and I was in the center seat. This was my seat.

Australia - 298

Australia - 304

Australia - 303

Waiting at each of our seats were an amenity kit and pajamas.  It was a nice touch that they had gender-specific amenity kits. You can see my black men’s amenity kit below and then the next picture you can see Judy’s maroon kit behind her.

Australia - 305

Australia - 313

One of the coolest things about the A380 was the outside rear tail camera. The picture was very sharp and it was a real treat to watch the take-off and landing.

Australia - 309

The flight attendant who would be serving our part of the cabin introduced herself and handed out the menu for the flight.

Australia - 319

Australia - 320

The seat was controlled by a touchpad and it was quite comprehensive.

Australia - 311

Shortly after take-off, lunch was served. The design of the seats allowed for two people to share a meal, which was a great idea and wonderfully implemented. In these pictures I’m sitting opposite of Judy as we eat lunch.

Australia - 322

Australia - 323

Lunch took about an hour, mostly because they served it course by course just like a nice restaurant. The food was very good and our flight attendant was extremely friendly and always checking on us.

After lunch, we both watched some movies on the extensive selection of entertainment that was available. I actually caught up on several movies on this flight that I had missed and had wanted to watch.

About halfway into the flight we changed into our pajamas as the flight attendant converted our seat into a bed. If you can believe it, they brought out a mattress, sheets, and duvet and made our seat into a real bed. It was exceptionally comfortable and as I was laying there, I remember distinctly thinking “wow, I’m in a bed on a plane”. It was a surreal moment.

Australia - 325

Australia - 330

After a very restful sleep, we woke up about 90 minutes before we were to land in Los Angeles and asked to have breakfast. We went to change out of our pajamas while they removed our bedding and set us up for breakfast.

The cabin was still dark so our breakfast picture did not come out very well.

Australia - 333

This is a random picture but I thought it was pretty cool to see the staircase to the 2nd floor where the Business Class cabin was.

Australia - 317

Our flight was about 14.5 hours and once we had landed, we both agreed that it had been the most pleasant flight we have ever taken.  We would have been happy to stay on the plane and fly directly back to Melbourne for another 14 hours. It was a fantastic experience and really was the icing on the cake for our Australia trip.

After a short flight from LAX to Las Vegas, we were home and our Australia adventure had come to an end.

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